Can Charisma be Taught - and What Is It?

Some people are said to be charismatic. But what does this mean? Is it like the colour of eyes - something we are born with?

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We like charismatic people, we like their company and we like to listen to them. Being charismatic can be a great advantage in business, in social affairs and life in general. 

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Charismatic people can use their skills to get people on their side, from a professional, ideological or social point of view. For these reasons charisma is a key leadership skill - being charismatic can be an important trait of a successful leader. Note that we use the word skill - advisedly!

Can we develop or increase charisma?

Ultimately charisma is the result of excellent communication and interpersonal skills, as these skills can be learned and developed - so developing your charisma is possible.

At EPS Comms Limited we have been studying the communication style and body language of charismatic individuals. We have evolved a model which is used by our clients to help them select a charismatic style, and then put it into practice on a daily basis.

So we can help you develop and increase your charisma.