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Motivating and Inspiring

All business or political leaders strive to achieve change. Achieving change is difficult, and the problem is Organisational Inertia. The larger the organisation, the harder it is to make changes. And, the bigger the change, the harder it gets.

Here's an extract from a business school:

There is a tendency for organizations to exhibit an apathy to change and lethargy toward taking action. Some seem to fight to remain the same. The inability to respond to internal and external demands for adaptation and change are regrettably all too common in our twenty-first century organizations. Much like modern day dinosaurs, contemporary institutions must either adapt to change or close their doors.

What causes organisational inertia? People in organisations are reluctant to change. The bigger the change, the harder it gets. There are many human factors: fear of the unknown, lack of knowledge or training, and even laziness.

The key is to motivate and inspire people to want to change.

 Let's look at a not-so-hypothetical example.