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 Demotivating and Uninspiring

Suppose that a company plans to introduce a new product. How is this communicated?

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Typically, the Marketing Director leads a big presentation for employees, full of facts and figures culled from Market Research information.

Then the Finance Director has his say, dazzling his audience with graphs and spreadsheets – a whole mass of financial numbers.

Next it’s the turn of the HR Director armed with a bundle of Organisational Charts, Process Flowcharts and the Latest Mantras In Interpersonal Relationships.

Finally, it only remains for the IT Director to summarise the New System with expensively produced screen shots showing all the new entry forms and report layouts.

All through this, the employees have been subjected to extensive PowerPoint presentations, stuffed with bullet points, tables, charts, clip art and fonts. They have been force-fed facts, facts and more facts.

And this is a typical pattern of corporate communications, not just for new product launches, but for general communications too. Team Meetings, small discussions, even one-to-one conversations follow this model of ‘Push out the Facts and pull up the PowerPoint’.

Is it any wonder that the employees are disengaged? Bored? Cynical?

But there is a much better way.