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In Extreme Presentation Skills training we show you how to craft the what to be impactful. We have devised a presentation structure, and show how to combine rhetoric with compelling visual aids. This will capture, engage, and enhance audience attention.

The how, is about delivery, and we coach you in professional acting techniques in order to enhance the tone of the voice, and to help you project appropriate body language.

We have developed the Extreme Presentation Skills model below. We refer to the how as Acting Techniques and the what as Content Techniques.

When you watch clips of Obama, Martin Luther King or Kennedy, it's easy to believe that they were somehow born with a natural ability. In truth, we are watching polished performances. These are the result of a combination of the hard work of the speaker, and the efforts of a supporting cast of actors, speech-writers and voice coaches.

In fact, when you understand our methods, you can see that these same acting and content techniques are being used.