All of us at EPS Comms Limited  are extremely proud of the great results we achieve with our candidates. Here is a sample of many unsolicited emails from clients.

The course has already had great results with a major pitch being won. A. R., Sales Director, Major Financial Group

It was the best presentation I have ever given. Big round of applause! K. W., UK Sales Manager, large multinational company

A massive thanks for the presentation skills training. I delivered my big pitch and got an awesome response - everyone left on a real high and I honestly didn't think I was capable of that before our sessions. Thanks for somehow giving me the confidence in your unique way!!! Without doubt, this has been the most valuable (and bizarrely - fun) training I have ever had. H. M., Regional Sales Director, large multinational company

This stuff is life-changing. Now that I've seen what I can do I will never go back to my old ways of presenting. I want my team to benefit also. D. H., Managing Director, International Financial Services Group

Before I came on the course I thought it would be ‘tacky’. Now that I’ve been on the course I would say it is not at all tacky, but is stretching and extremely professional. M. W., Sales Director

Before coming on your course I would have rated myself 8/10 on my Presentation Prowess. Having been through the Extreme Presentation Skills I now realise the scale doesn’t goes up to 10, but in fact 100! I’m pleased to say I am now well up the scale of 100. Thanks to you for all your help. M. B., Managing Director, UK Financial institution

Here’s some feedback on my big presentation. It was the best presentation I have ever given. I did build in lots of creativity and humour which helped. It really worked! - Big round of applause! I received enthusiastic feedback from two or three people saying it was the best presentation of the day, and the best they have ever seen from me. I can praise the training and thoroughly recommend it for other Managers. Thanks to you and Andy for all your help; you have both given me powerful tools that I will always use in the future. K. W., National Sales Manager, Prestigious International Company

Just a quick note to let you know the feedback from J.Y. I spoke to him yesterday evening and he was enthused, maintaining that EPS was the best personal development he has ever gone through. He made the point that it was challenging and at times uncomfortable but invaluable for the right people to go through this programme! D. W., HR and Development Manager, Large Blue Chip Organisation

Some feedback from the retailer meeting today. Never, ever have I presented like this before. I've had applause and cheers, and even had some fun myself ! Thanks, really enjoyed the course, thought you’d appreciate hearing that your efforts had made an improvement in me! M. M., UK Customer Services Manager, large multinational company

Sal is an outstanding coach for presentations - I've witnessed the remarkable difference he makes to the confidence and ability of business people - whether starting with a lot of skill or very little. I've benefitted personally from his coaching - it works! R. H., International Sector Head, Professional Services Company

EPS worked with a highly effective management unit to take their presentation skills to another level. We gained many pointers and now have a defined structure to all presentations which we have rolled out throughout our area of the business. The course has already had great results with a major pitch being won. EPS are extremely professional and their style is thought provoking and hands on. Thoroughly enjoyable. A. R., Managing Director, Major Financial Services Group

Sal's work in presentation skills training is not only well researched but also excellently delivered, as you would expect from someone in this line of business. Having worked in industry for many years I was sceptical, when agreeing to attend one of his events, of how "transformational" his training could be ..but it really is, 10 times over! With his actor co-trainer he tackles the root causes of presentation and speaking errors, and sets you up to speak with power, clarity and passion. I highly recommend his training to anyone wanting to improve their speaking and presentation skills. L. M., Managing Director , Executive Coaching Services Group

Many more recommendations from clients can be found on LinkedIn.