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Anyone who cares about their career or their business knows that credibility is a must-have attribute. Your clients, your shareholders, your managers, your peers, your reports, your suppliers, in fact, anyone you interact with, must all believe in you.

This is especially true when you are under pressure facing difficult questions. Sometimes it can feel like the Spanish Inquisition.

Torture Inquisition

To be credible you need the right business, functional or technical knowledge. A Finance Director must know about accounts, an R&D Director must know the products, a Marketing Director must know the market, and no amount of flannel will make up for knowledge gaps.

But knowledge alone is not enough. Even with the right knowledge, two key tests determine credibility. Firstly, how well do you answer questions and challenges, especially under pressure? Secondly, how do you look and sound under duress? Your status and credibility are greatly enhanced when you demonstrate the ability to skillfully answer the toughest questions, and when at the same time you appear calm and unruffled. Conversely, you are diminished when you fail to do either.

But help is at hand.

Through In the Line of Fire training you will learn robust techniques to apply when you are facing tough questions, ie when you are in the line of fire.

The key skills are the ability to steer a path between many a rock and a hard place, indeed many rocks and many hard places. You will develop techniques which avoid the politician's approach, which is to evade the question entirely, to the total frustration of all concerned. You will learn how to avoid the aggressive response, which belittles the questioner, turns the audience against you, and is ultimately counterproductive. You will be able to avoid the passive answer where you cave in and loses all status.

And you will learn many more techniques. And when you combine these with those from Extreme Presentation Skills you have a winning formula.

However, it's not just about technique.